Document Management

document-managementMany companies are overwhelmed with the task of managing paper. Reports, forms, and other documents need proper filing and sound organizing to enable easy searching, retrieval and access. In addition to the time taken to file and retrieve volumes of paper, valuable space can be taken up by boxes and files that are rarely, if ever accessed. Companies are also at risk, as original paperwork is subject to theft, loss, or destruction.   Important company documents, including: contracts, reports, forms, employee wages and expense accounts, should not be left to just basic record keeping. It makes good business sense to secure and backup these important documents.

The following are benefits a company will derive from a properly chosen and configured document management system:

  • Eliminate time searching for a document, by providing advanced search and delivery capabilities
  • Secure access to sensitive documents by privileged personnel
  • Protection from unexpected outages or disasters
  • Decrease the use of expensive office space to store volumes of documents that are rarely, if ever accessed
  • A workflow engine as an efficient means to automate many of a company’s documentation processes
  • Compliance with regulatory mandates that require proper storage and retrieval of documents
  • Retention policies defined for categories of documents

A paperless, backed up, remotely accessible system for critical data may be vital. To increase efficiencies in document management processes, Shamrock can assess your documentation and records management needs, and identify enabling technologies and processes.  Shamrock has relationships with multiple best-in-class digital document management product vendors.  These vendors solutions range from small office systems to enterprise-class products. The goal with any solution is to manage and deliver the documents you need to your device of choice, when you need it.