Content Central

Document Management & Workflow

Content Central is a complete, browser-based Document Management System (DMS) solution, which provides everything necessary to capture, retrieve, and manage business information. Its robust workflow engine allows routine business processes to be automated and simplified.

General Overview

  • 100% Browser Based – Enables connections from any workstation on the local network. Provides remote connectivity when allowed by administrators. Users access all functions using a standard Web browser.

  • Capture – Scan paper documents using multifunction devices or scan directly in the Web browser using DirectScan™. Capture electronic files of any type via folder, upload, e-mail, or drag-and-drop in browser.
  • Retrieval – Locates the document(s) requested in seconds, using an easy-to-use search engine. Browse through organized folder structures generated automatically using rules specified by administrators.
  • Management – Check-out, edit, append, replace, approve, reject, collaborate, and more, based on administrator-defined permissions. Receive instant internal or e-mail notifications based on any number of system events or scheduled lookups.
  • Workflow Automation – Simplify business processes using triggers and actions combined to create powerful workflow rules. Configure approval processes to move documents along any pre-defined or ad-hoc path based on system events or schedules.

Common Applications

  • Accounts Payable: Generates purchase orders and other forms. Helps prevent fraud. Encourages receipt of early-payment discounts. Centralizes documents from multiple sources (paper, electronic, e-mail). Combines all document types related to a single order using packets. Automatically notifies of complete or incomplete packets.
  • Order Processing: Integrates with accounting systems to streamline order workflow. Provides system for order approval and shipping-document distribution. Notifies customers of order status.
  • Human Resources: Stores employee applications, performance reviews, tax forms, and more. Can notify employer and employee when documents reach expiration.
  • Document Imaging & Storage: Accepts scanned images of paper documents and performs optical character recognition (OCR) for searchability of content. Stores and organizes documents in native formats on your file system.


  • Elimination of the physical inbox and filing cabinet
  • Streamlined inter-departmental workflow
  • Paper-based and digital documents organized together in one location
  • Multiple workstations can view the same document at once
  • Faster retrieval times – No re-filing necessary
  • Document text content available for searching
  • Quick deployment – No client-workstation installations required
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications

Using Content Central

  • Users connect to Content Central locally or remote using administrator-defined accounts or existing Active Directory accounts.
  • Paper documents can be classified before or after capture and scanned in batches to a monitored folder, e-mailed to the Content Central server, or scanned directly to the Web browser using a desktop scanner.
  • Each user’s Approval Queue contains documents that have been automatically routed to them for approval or rejection. Deadlines and arrival notifications keep productivity at high levels.
  • Retention policies can be defined for every document type. Expired documents are removed from the system automatically.
  • Actions performed on documents are recorded for a full revision history, including edits, approvals, and property updates. Older versions of a document can be viewed or downloaded at any time.
  • Administrators define security permissions for users or groups at the document-type level. Configurable permissions include View, Edit, Add, Search, Delete, and more.
  • Users have access to contextual help documentation from any area in the product. 24-hour live-chat support can be accessed directly from the user interface.
  • Workflow rules can be generated to address specific process needs, including e-mail notifications, document distribution, and document updating. Workflow triggers, based on system events or schedules, combine with workflow actions, such as Assign to Approval Process or Copy to Folder, to create powerful workflow rules.

Implementation – Training – Support

  • Content Central requires a single Microsoft Windows Server implementation. Solution components can be deployed across multiple servers for performance gains.
  • User workstations require only a Web browser and URL shortcut to Content Central.
  • The capture engine accepts TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and other image formats.
  • Administration can occur on site or off site (when inbound access from the Internet provided).
  • All captured content is stored on the file server in native formats.
  • Installation package includes a Microsoft SQL-Server database engine.
  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week technical support available for quick assistance.

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