Data Backup / Security

A business’s data is critical for its ongoing operation and success. Data recover is are inevitable. Business data recovery needs range from accidental file deletion, to data loss from disasters and component failures. No matter what the event or cause, a business needs access to its data.

Shamrock Technology Group assesses its customer’s usage of systems and data and current (or lack of) backup and business continuity setup. Based on each business’s needs, STG will support and/or recommend a backup/business continuity approach that balances the company’s business needs, its IT environment, and budget. There are many options or combination of backup options, including: traditional on-site tape backup solutions, NAS solutions, cloud-backup solutions, and off-site storage arrangements. And it is not only data that needs to be assessed when considering business continuity. A business continuity solution should also consider backup servers and redundant Internet connections.

STG will recommend and implement a solution that best fits each client’s business requirements and budget.