Hosted Email

E-mail is one of a business’s most mission critical business function. Although there some on premises e-mail implemenations can be justified, most businesses are best serviced with a hosted e-mail solution. By move e-mail services to a hosted provider that is in a location that is far from a primary business site, with failover sites geographically dispersed, a business can be confident of continued e-mail access, regardless of what happens to its primary site. By moving e-mail services offsite to a hosted email services provider, your business will have access to email at all times, not have to worry about support, upgrading, or outgrowing an in-house server. Also, over 90% of today’s messages are spam, and most e-mail hosting companies ensure that their e-mail filters are up-to-date. Shamrock Technology Group has partnered with multiple e-mail hosting partners, and will recommend a solution based on a company’s specific needs and e-mail usage.