Data Security

ricoh-secure-100x93Shamrock can help you evaluate the secure data disposal options available for your multifunctional devices and support you in meeting your organizations security requirements. Often there is critical corporate or personal information and data kept on the machines that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. And with regulatory compliance requirements, high profile breaches and national media spotlight, there is a growing awareness among customers as to the importance of the security of the data stored on the hard drive (HDD) of their multi-function devices. This includes the security of this data even when the machine is retrieved from the customer site or when the HDD is replaced individually. Some of the manufacturer options available are:

card-authentication-package-128x84RICOH (DOSS- Data Overwrite Security System) – DOSS overwrites the sector of the hard drive used for data processing after the completion of each job. During the overwrite process, the data is deconstructed to prevent easy recovery. Additionally, DOSS also offers the option of overwriting the entire hard drive up to eight times. This option exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense and NSA requirements.

RICOH (Hard Drive Encryption) – This provides security for information that needs to be stored on the MFP or printer and reused again (ie. admin/ user passwords and address books). The Hard Drive Encryption Option differs from DOSS in that it doesn’t destroy/overwrite the data. It encrypts the data so it can be accessed only by authorized users.