PCS Director

Ricoh-pcs-drector-100x99PCS Director software allows you to monitor all printing, copying, scanning, and faxing activity, handle charge-backs, control who is printing, how much is being printed, and identify the cost of printing across the entire organization. This comprehensive print management solution allows you to understand and manage printing costs to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Analyze Output Volumes (Analysis)

  • Reports on printer inventory, device volumes, budgets, cost baselines, and printing workflow issues
  • Learn who is printing what and where
  • Tracker printer port, color, number of pages/copies, user and more
  • Installs silently to just a few or thousands of workstations and tracks printing behind the scenes
  • Identifies equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks

Reduce Overall Cost (Rules)

  • Migrate volumes to the most efficient output devices to reduce printer TCO
  • Utilize printer limits with customizable pop-up messages
  • Restrict printing by user, device profile, and color
  • Force duplex printing
  • Notify users of print job costs and recommend lower cost alternatives

Recover Printing & Copying Costs (Recovery)

  • Associate the costs of printing back to users and clients for billing purposes
  • Establish PIN codes, declining balances, and option job code validation for users
  • Manage and set budgetary account limits for copying and printing by user
  • Integrates directly with any accounting system working with all CAD systems
  • Automates each step of the charge-back process