Variable Data Printing Solutions

Variable Data Printing Business Solutions (VDP)

Variable data printing (or VDP) utilizes the power of digital printing in order to allow for faster and easier document customization. Document customization can be something as simple as printing a series of properly addressed invoices or as involved as generating customized messages for marketing mailers. The primary advantage of variable data printing is the ability to print hundreds of unique documents without interrupting the printing workflow.

How Does Variable Data Printing (VDP) Work?

It starts with a basic template and a database. The template determines what elements of a document remain the same from page to page a nd what spaces will contain unique information. For example, on an invoice, the layout and fields will be the same, but customer information, addresses, charges, and even images will be allowed to vary from page to page. The printer software then takes this template and fills in the changeable—or variable—fields with the needed information from a database for each page to be printed. This makes variable data printing ideal for advertising, invoicing, individualized reports, and business-to-customer correspondence.

In order to help you take advantage of variable data printing, we at Shamrock provide your organization with the software and hardware you need. Quality digital printers are an essential aspect of variable data printing (VDP), which is why we are a distributor high-quality Konica brand MFPs that are known for their ease of use, efficiency, and pristine color printing. With intuitive touchpad controls, mobile accessibility, and powerful Bizhub technology, Konica multifunctional printers make it easy to perform customized printing tasks efficiently.

In addition to quality hardware, Shamrock provides the software needed to fully integrate variable data printing into your organization’s production printing workflow. Our team can help you implement the right software solutions to meet your specific needs, whether that is as simple as creating invoices or as involved as utilizing customer data analysis to generate customized advertising messages. With our experience and commitment to superior customer service, we are your experts for implementing the power of variable data printing within your organization.