University Hospitals – Cleveland Medical Center​

About University Hospitals – Cleveland Medical Center

University Hospitals – Cleveland Medical Center​ is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and is Northeast Ohio’s top healthcare provider. They have 26,000 employees and 1,032 beds.


  • The hospital’s Zebra print devices were being repaired on an ad-hoc basis with no cost/asset management strategy.
  • To reduce expenses, the supply management team sourced generic labels for patient wristbands, which were created with ribbon printers.
  • Ever increasing service calls, inconsistent quality on patient wristbands, and potential HIPPA violations.
  • Was a procurement decision, but an IT pain point.


  • Created an asset & service management strategy that simplified the hospital’s end user experience.  
  • Created a managed supply program that included OEM wristband labels and Zebra print heads – replacing archaic ribbon printing solution.
  • Single source solution


  • The supply management and IT teams are no longer dealing with output management of patient identity.
  • The hospital was able to upgrade old printing technology, reduce HIPPA violation risks, and improve end-user satisfaction at a cost point lower than their previous spend.
  • The hospital now has a “go-forward” management strategy that is forecastable and will allow for technology improvements with minimal investment move forward.