About Flex Technology Group 

Shamrock is part of the Flex Technology Group (FTG) family of companies. 

With Flex Technology Group, each partner is family. They are the best and brightest in our industry; thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs in their respective marketplaces who continually innovate and think ahead of the curve. As a collective unit, each partner challenges one another to be better, always providing additional opportunities for employees, and continually striving to add value and improving the customer experience.

Flex Technology Group provides customized office technology solutions for national and leading-edge regional companies. We focus on print, document management, document production and managed IT solutions, representing industry-leading suppliers such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, Lexmark, and various software solutions. We proudly service over 27,000 customers nationally. Want to become a Partner? Let’s get started!

What This Means for Shamrock Customers

Extensive Vertical Market Knowledge

FTG has acquired considerable vertical market knowledge through its numerous partnerships. We monitor the data from the 300,000 assets we manage so that we are able to better understand each business segment and design strategic initiatives for each client accordingly.

Family of Local Companies with National Reach

Each partner maintains its same local flare, local management, and local services with the added benefits of being backed by a national company. Comprised of several individual print solutions companies, clients only see one result: seamless, quality service.

Consistent End-User Experience

Shamrock manages all service/supply requests, inventory management, and billing from our centralized FTG headquarters to maintain consistent first-class support to clients. This also includes business reviews and asset management.


National Service Platform

We offer consistent service regardless of W2 or
3rd Part Partners. The centralized FTG headquarters manages the dispatch of local technical engineers to the respective locations requesting service.

Service & Support All Major Manufacturers

FTG represents industry leading suppliers such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, Lexmark and various software solutions. Shamrock is therefore vendor agnostic and can find the best solution for your unique needs, regardless of what your current fleet is. We go in with the intent is to extend the life of your existing assets.

Proprietary Technology

FTG has an abundance of unique technology solutions that we can implement to make your business run smoother.

  • FlexLayer
  • AMS – Proactive support/service
  • Asset Management Portal

FTG Partner Companies

National Reach with a Local Touch

Flex Technology Group has the national reach and resources to serve your company the way it deserves. FTG, through our family of companies, provides the local touch that allows us the flexibility to serve each region, city and market differently.

Caltronics Business Systems
Laser Options a FTG Company
Procopy Flex Technology Group
Cannon IV a FTG Company
FlexPrint a FTG Company
Action Imaging Group a FTG Company
Caltronics Business Systems
Infincom a FTG Company
Flo-Tech a FTG Company
FTG Texas
FTG Greater Ohio a FTG Company
Century Business Services a FTG Company
CBE Office Solutions a Flex Technology Group Company
Millennium Business Systems a FTG Company
Laser Technologies a FTG Company
Ultrex a FTG Company
Copy Link a FTG Company
Standard Office Systems a FTG Company
Advance a FTG Compnay