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Printing, scanning, storing and managing documents, signage, and content. The total cost of these across your accounting organization is in most cases greater than you think. To understand the true cost in terms of dollars, as well as the full impact that output and content management has on your enterprise’s productivity and performance, you need hard facts—and a trusted partner who can turn them into understanding and action.


Shamrock Managed Print Services delivers a strategy optimized for your enterprise. We determine the right mix and placement of devices across your organization for greatest efficiency and user productivity. We oversee the day-to-day management of your infrastructure, along with continuous monitoring and proactive support services to maximize the availability of your existing devices and ensure that supplies are efficiently managed. We root out wasteful habits and unnecessary printing, helping you reduce print volumes and your carbon footprint.

But what Shamrock Managed Print is really about is helping you grow your business and your brand. By bringing all your existing output devices, regardless of make and model, into one view, Shamrock takes aim at the paper-based, manually driven processes that stall growth and drag down performance, such as inflexible signage processes that hurt sales and profitability; incomplete, inconsistent reporting of incidents that leave you vulnerable to risk and losses; and back-office processes laden with paperwork, such as those in HR and accounting, which create delays and keep your salespeople away from the sales floor. Shamrock’s Managed Print Services also helps you manage those employee and customer-facing documents that build your image and brand.

Firms are more productive, more efficient, more accessible and more secure thanks to Shamrock managed print solutions and services. Request your In-Depth Analysis today to get started on your customized solution.



  • Consolidate printing and copiers, optimize equipment placement, and monitor & correct inefficient use of printers
  • Effectively manage costs and increase uptime across your operations using a single system to provide visibility and control
  • Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement with governance metrics by store, distribution center and office locations
  • Increases savings and productivity by up to 40% through solution recommendations, professional implementation, customer support services, and transparent data



Advanced Print Management

Shamrock provides workflow solutions that make printing fast, efficient and easy to manage. We don’t just manage your print equipment, we optimize your entire print environment. Our specialists will work with your individual firm to handle day-to-day maintenance as well as plan for future growth and requirements.

Departmental Solutions

Improve workflow and reduce manual tasks in daily routines for accounting, finance, human resources and legal contract management.

Downtime Reports

Improve continuity of care during a downtime event with 24/7 access to key forms and reports from your MFP, no PC required.

Revenue Cycle Management

Speed the revenue cycle by capturing billing information making them accessible within applications.