Multi-Function Devices

A partnership between Shamrock and Ricoh

Shamrock chooses to partner with Ricoh for it’s office equipment products. Durability and productivity are of the upmost importance and Ricoh is the leader in the industry. Ricoh is #1 in market share due to it’s engineering and continuous focus on R&D. Ricoh makes Multifunction copiers for the desktop to the print shop. They bring together unparalleled advances in security, print quality and network integration via its award-winning line of MFPs and production printing systems.

    Shamrock is a different kind of printer service company – we offer custom-fit client-specific solutions, ongoing services, technology independence and much more. Every business is different – and so is every Shamrock partnership. Using our In-Depth Assessment, we can create a custom-fit program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.


    Major Manufacturing Lines

    Shamrock offers “Best of Class” digital imaging hardware systems (scan/print/copy/fax). We provide award-winning full-color systems, black/white systems, wide format, networked printers, and scanners. Utilizing our strategic partnerships with the world’s most technologically advanced OEMs, such as Ricoh, we have assured seamless full office technology integration and premier document management systems by offering business color copy machines along with a wide range of document capture tools.

    High-Performance Systems: Shamrock has selected high-quality multi-function document imaging & capture products that cost-effectively meet your specific needs. The research is done for you. We will not place our name and reputation on any system that falls below our high standards of reliability and dependability. You can depend on us to recommend only scan/print/copy/fax systems that meet your requirements. We simply offer the best performing and most reliable systems on the market.

    Customized Systems: Shamrock’s broad range of multifunction business product offerings ensures that your specific scan/print/copy/fax requirements are met with tailored solutions. Whether print speed, monthly volume, multifunction capabilities, or financing options are your main considerations, we have a system for you. Shamrock’s digital multifunction systems supply both input to output from our partners’ document management software, creating full office technology integration. Easily access information from any desktop or satellite location.