Before starting this, be sure to check in with your IT department. If you do not have an IT department, follow the directions below. 

1. Go to and create a new email account. 

2. At the top right of the email account, click on the circle with the letter the click “Manage your Google Account

3. Click on “Security.” This sometimes is listed at the left of the page depending on the browser.

4. Scroll down and look for the option that says “Signing in to Google

5. Go through the steps to turned on 2-Step Verification

6. Return Security (step 3), and click on “App passwords” 

7. Choose “Other (Custom name)“, and enter a name for the machine (ex: Ricoh, Ricoh scanner) and click the “Generate” button

8. A series of letters will be generated. Write down this password as you will need to enter it into your machine in a future step 

9. Your email account is now ready. It’s time to enter the information into your scanning device. 

Your scanning devices have may have a different setting screen. We have tried to make this a general reference to use. If you need more help please refer to your device’s user guide or contact us.

10. Start by going to “User Tools” or “Settings

11. Then go to “Machine Features” 

12. Then go to “System Settings” 

13. Then go to “File Transfer” 

14. Then click on “SMTP Server” 

15. Change the Server Name to, and the port number to 587, with the SSL turned on. You can do a connection test after to make sure it can connect to that server. 

16. Click “OK” at the top to go back to the previous screen

17. Now go to “SMTP Authentication” 

18. This is where you enter the Gmail account information you created. Turn the “SMTP Authentication” to “On”. Enter the Gmail email address in the “User NameandEmail Address” form fields. Then click “Change” next to Password and enter the app password that was generated from step 8. Click “OK” in the top right.

19. Go to “Administrator’s Email Address” and enter the Gmail email address for the last time. 

20. Once everything is entered, click “OK” to save the information. You now can go back to the home screen and you should be able to scan (please perform a test scan to make sure everything is working correctly)

If you have any issues, feel free to contact us for assistance.