Caltronics focus on giving our customer the best document management solutions for a price that helps encourage growth. Here are some google reviews that showcase what we have done for them.

Darlene Nelson
Local Guide9 reviews


a year ago

We have 3 Caltronic copiers and we couldn’t be happier with them. They are reliable, easy to operate and great quality. We are a busy property management company and it’s very nice to not have to worry about the office equipment. Caltronics has great support if and when you do need it. They can take care of issues over the phone or they will send someone out. Also, love the auto ship of the toner built in!

Jed Prichard
Local Guide3 reviews


a year ago

Caltronics does an excellent. Their service has been impeccable, Mike Murdoch has been super professional, and I would highly recommend their service!

Bren Smith
Local Guide22 reviews

2 years ago

We moved from using Ray Morgan to Caltronics for our company’s six Canon copiers. Shortly afterwards we started using Caltronics for all of our HP printer toner purchases and maintenance. Caltronics has been consistently very responsive to any of our requests, and always very easy to deal with. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a competent and responsive vendor for their printing and copier needs.

Esther Dunnaway
Local Guide18 reviews


4 years ago

Caltronics has amazing service, they really shine in this area! I had a couple of hic-ups I was dealing with while printing envelopes from our postage software and was resigned that it would just always be a miserable experience Richard Bryant who is one of their education specialists, came out and worked some amazing magic on things and now it’s the smoothest process ever! He also gave me some good insight on my letterhead tray and how to use it better which was very helpful. These guys are fast and pleasant, we’ve always had a great experience with them! Thank you!

Bob Ramos
Local Guide11 reviews


5 years ago

Zach was very professional, attentive, educational, calm, kind, courteous, solved our problems, went out of his way to come visit us, and most of all was EXTREMELY PATIENT with us. You are amazing Zach, keep up the great work!! Thank you so much for your patience with us. I do appreciate that. Glad we have you as our Caltronics specialist!!