Document Workflow

Document Workflow

Your organization relies on documents to function. Whether they are invoices, account and billing statements, email communications, faxes, or any other document containing vital information, it is absolutely crucial to manage it in a way that is both efficient and secure. Paper filing systems are becoming obsolete as they are not as readily accessed as electronic documents and require more involved security measures. Reliance on paper not only makes document organization and workflow a hassle, but it also presents a risk to your information’s security.

At Shamrock, we offer a number of document workflow solutions that increase efficiency by utilizing cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software. By managing documents electronically, the processes used in transmitting and filing documents become simpler, faster, and more centralized. Some of the benefits your organization will be able to see upon implementing electronic document workflow solutions include the following:

  • Increased production rates as you spend less time searching through paper filing systems
  • Professional integration of document workflow processes from our Solutions Team
  • Fast mobile accessibility
  • Reduced risk of lost documents, unpaid invoices, unanswered correspondence, etc.
  • Easier security through password-protected encryption to guard confidential information
  • Document transmission and storage technology that is safe, fast, and reliable
  • Easier compliance with record-keeping and security standards

Electronic document workflow management is a key part of making sure your organization is functioning at maximum efficiency. By making documents more easily accessible and transmittable, you free up time and resources that can be used on initiatives more central to your organization’s goals. This improves business on all levels, from relationships with clients and external stakeholders to internal leadership and administration.

The Shamrock Solutions Team provides the needed consultation and integration of the technologies your organization needs to manage document workflow more efficiently. We analyze the specific needs of your organization and then work toward solutions that integrate needed technologies that are both cost-effective and high quality. All this is done with the highest standards of customer service in mind, making us your ideal resource for document workflow solutions.