Network Fax Systems

Network Fax Systems

If you take a close look at your organization’s current fax expenditures, you may find that traditional paper faxing is resulting in unnecessary monthly costs. These extra costs include phone line expenses, paper costs, fax machine maintenance and toner, and so on. Paper faxing can also be a bit messy, with multiple machines often being used and papers and documents in need of filing. As compared to paperless network fax systems and technologies, traditional faxing negatively impacts productivity when it comes to managing hard-copy documents and keeping them secure, making it both more expensive and more risky.

A network fax system is an ideal solution for reducing faxing costs and streamlining document transmission and filing. Some of the advantages that come from a centralized network fax system include:

  • Elimination of paper, toner, and analog phone line expenses
  • Centralization of faxing processes, reducing the need for infrastructure and improving workflow
  • Higher security from eliminating extra paper documents
  • Low risk of losing documents as they are stored and transmitted digitally
  • Reduced hardware maintenance costs with fewer devices

How Shamrock can help you with your network fax systems and solutions

Through online fax servers such as OpenText (formerly Captaris) RightFax, Shamrock offers you increased productivity and security with reduced operational costs. These services integrate with existing email and desktop applications, allowing a streamlined process for sending, receiving, storing, and retrieving faxes. This makes a network fax system a flexible and cost-effective solution for your organization’s document transmission needs.

At Shamrock, we provide the technology and system implementation you need to reduce your document transmission costs through network fax systems. Our Solutions Team works to understand your business or organization, including your current needs and budget limitations. From there, we implement the processes and technologies needed to boost your efficiency and security to the next level. We utilize network and cloud-based services such as the Captaris RightFax Fax Server in order to move your organization toward paperless faxing and the streamlined productivity that goes with it.